A Golf Rain Gear Overview

Are you a golfer that plays on regions where temperature and weather conditions are always unpredictable? Then aside from a summer or breezy outfit, you should also have your own golf rain gear. Golf is commonly played during a hot and fine weather. But officials and some golfers themselves prefer and continue playing the game just as long as the rain is not hard enough. Of course, a simple drizzle shouldn’t halt that most important tournament or golf cup of the year.

Where To Buy Best Golf rain Gear

List of Rain Gears You Need When Playing Golf

A complete list of gears you can use when playing golf extends from your head down to your feet. And these include the following:

  • The rain suit consisting of a waterproof jacket and waterproof pants. The most basic and important golf rain gear for men are those that protect the body; the rain jacket and the rain pants. They work in the same principle as the common raincoats you can see and buy on the market. But those used for golf are quite special. Instead of plastic or rubber, they are made out of an artificial cloth that is water-resistant which is polyester. This flexible fabric ensures breathability, comfort, and unhampered performance.


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  • Water proof shoes. Golfers can actually use any pair of shoes they want to. During the rainy season, just ensure it is water proof.
  • Golf umbrella. The best golf rain gear set wouldn’t be complete without that large golf umbrella. Don’t worry since the golf caddies usually hold these for you while you are playing.
  • Golf or baseball cap. A simple cap is the most basic rain or water protection for your head. You could use a specific golf cap or just an ordinary baseball cap.
  • Rain gloves. Completing the list of most essential golf rain gear are the rain gloves. Although you can be protected by that large umbrella, your hands usually extend outside it whenever you perform the swings and hits.


Guide For Buying A Golf Rain Gear

Choosing The Best Gears

  • Try wearing your rain gear especially the rain suit to ensure comfort. Comfort is a must when playing golf. As a golfer, an irritating, hot, or itchy suit or outfit should be your last concern. As much as possible, you need to concentrate on the game. Comfort with your rain gear often involves breathability of the suit material.
  • Ensure a perfect fit. Your golf rain gear should have sizes fit or exact to your size. Again, the goal is to maintain or achieve optimum performance and unrestricted movement. You might want to take advantage of customized suits if you have the budget.
  • Choose waterproof over water-resistant. Water resistant provides rain protection but only to a certain degree or extent. During heavy rains, your water-resistant suit will not be effective. If you’re expecting heavy rains, use only the waterproof gears.
  • Search for a good deal. There’s really not much golf players so you always have the opportunity to search for cheap golf rain gear. As an added tip, buy during special day sales.


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To enjoy playing golf during the hot summer or wet rainy days, ensure you have a complete set of rain gears.